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About Us

Tricia L'Abbe

In forming TL Massage Therapy, owner Tricia L'Abbe was focused on bringing high level of massage therapy to all in the community at an affordable rate. When Ms. L'Abbe, was in the technical recruiting field she was hospitalized many times due to headaches, upset stomachs, trouble sleeping and chronic pain. These symptoms were all a result of stress. She then was turning to massage therapy to help manage her stress level and return to a healthier way of living.

In 2002, Ms. L'Abbe decided to change her career and become a massage therapist to help and educate those who struggle from everyday and high level stress. Ms. L'Abbe graduated from Spa Tech Institute in 2003, with a certificate in Therapeutic and Hot Stone Massage. After graduation Ms. L'Abbe continued her education with LMT Success Group located in Florida for her Master Medical Massage Professional certification with a focus on arthritis intervention and senior care.

In keeping with her mission, Ms. L'Abbe has hired high level of massage therapists with vast knowledge of the massage therapy techniques and client care. We understand everyone needs an escape and that is what we would like to offer you. We offer10 different styles of massage therapy and spa services for you to enjoy. As our client you will enjoy a fully customized treatment to suit your needs and wants.