Corporate Chair Massage Services

Massage at work? Yes, it really works.

Did you know…job stress and related aliments are estimated to cost business more than $200 billion annually with $26 billion spent on medical and disability payments and $95 billion in productivity loss annually.

Our on-site chair massage therapy program promotes health and wellness, prevents injury, and reduces stress for employees and management.

We design our customized chair massage programs exclusively for the corporate world. That means all we need is a quiet room on-site. Clients remain fully clothed and we don’t use oils, which can stain clothing. We offer massage in 10, 15 or 20-minute increments to fit within standard break and lunch times. Our therapist massages the client’s upper body, including the head, neck, shoulders, back, arm and hands. You’ll be amazed at what a healthy transformation even ten minutes a week makes, when it’s done on a consistent basis. Employees experience an immediate and lasting sense of physical and mental well-being and what’s just for starters.

Pressure from massage therapy helps:

  • Prevent injury
  • Relieve muscle strains that eventually lead to Repetitive Strain and Motion Injuries
  • Reduce the adverse effects of staying in one position too long.
  • Identify tender areas that need attention before becoming serious problems.
  • Rev up brainpower by increasing blood flow.
  • Relieve physical and mental strain.
  • Ease away tension headaches.
  • Boost immune systems.
  • Lift morale.
  • Motivate employees to take better care of their health.


Stream-line so there are no lines, no interruptions and no concerns:

We work quietly and efficiently to avoid any interruption to the office workflow. Our massage therapists are always insured and licensed, according to Massachusetts state regulations.

*Extended appointment times can be arranged at the client’s request.

We’re all about flexibility.
Pick a payment option that best suits your company!

Employee Paid

The Employee Paid option is where employees pay the amount of the massage. This is easily achieved by a payroll deduction which is a tax write off for the employee. TL Massage Therapy will bill the company for employee deductions.

Employer Paid

The Employer Paid option is where TL Massage Therapy bills your company the full amount. This service is also a tax write-off for the employer.

You Pick

We customize every program to fit each client’s needs. Rates are based on those needs and the number of employees using our services. A minimum of 2-hours is required. However, those with multiple locations schedules can be worked out.

“I found Tricia through her website so didn’t know what to expect since I’m used to getting referrals from friends. I was looking for someone who could work with some of my aches and pains. Tricia is very attentive to details and listens to my needs. She always works with where my body is at and gives me a massage that leaves me relaxed.”

– Annita K. 

“TL Massage Therapy is just what the Doctor ordered. Our employees work is stressful at times trying to make deadlines and accommodate our customers. Over the past year we have had Tricia from TL Massage Therapy come into the office periodically to help keep them stress free with a 10-15 minutes chair massage. Tricia is very professional and our employees love each time we offered Tricia’s chair massage we have more employees take advantage of this service.  As owners of a small business we highly recommend you offer your employees a chair massage from TL Massage Therapy.”

– Cathy & Dave Gravel 

“I have known Tricia for some time, as a massage therapist. She is a wonderful person and has helped me as well as a few of my friends throughout the years at many locations. I am glad she has opened her own place and will continue to frequent her business. Her idea to introduce a loyalty program is ingenious and will promote me to become a more relaxed person by visiting more frequently. This place is soothing, relaxing and quiet, exactly what I need when I get a massage. Book and enjoy!”

– Crystal C. 

“I LOVE Tricia! She is very caring and attentive, and she gives the BEST massage!! I have been to upscale spas for massages and was never as impressed as I was with Tricia! I went because I got a GREAT deal and was so happy that I came back for a massage and scrub combo with Tricia. After that I was HOOKED and I booked another appointment immediately! I would definitely recommend coming to try their services! Make sure you ask for Tricia!”

– Anonymous 

“As one of the owners of a tax and accounting practice, our work load during the months of February – April is quite heavy.  The level of stress among all the employees grows at an alarming rate as the days pass.  A number of years ago, I had read an article that promoted the idea of hiring a professional to come to the office and provide chair massage to the staff.  I figured, let’s give it a try.  It has turned out to be one of the best business decisions.  It has reduced the stress levels in the office and it has established a weekly event that ALL the employees look forward to taking part in.  The success of this program is due in large part to Tricia L’Abbe.  Not only is she quite skilled at her profession, but what separates her from those who we initially hired is that her and her staff are DEPENDABLE and FLEXIBLE.  As a closing comment, I ask the staff every year if we should have the chair massages for the upcoming tax season and should we continue to hire TL Massage Therapy, and the answer has been a resounding YES for 8 years in a row.”

– Henry G. Pescatore, CPA, MST 
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