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Breathe Deep. Relax. And Enjoy these Warm Soothing Treatments.

TL Massage Therapy offers a variety of different treatments to get you feeling better in no time. The first is our Hot Stone Massage, which is used for deep relaxation and muscle tension release. We use lava rocks that are heated to a warm 120 degrees. During this session, you will relax with a layout of stones on your back and between your toes, as we use other stones as an extension of our hands. Our therapists can vary the pressure as needed.

Our Aromatherapy essential oils are mixed in our lotions, creams, body scrubs, base oils or infused in the air for a sense of stress release, comfort, tranquility while soothing any aches, pains or sinus pressures. Enjoy scents of Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Chocolate, Peppermint, Lavender, Pomegranate Cranberry, Mango Mandarin or Green Tea Lime Leaf. If you’re unsure the best scent for you, consult with one of our therapists before booking your session.

Body Scrubs-Dry Room Treatment

Citrus Body Polish
Our Citrus Body Polish features gentle apricot seed powder to exfoliate, safflower seed oil to moisturize and a botanical blend of lavender, geranium, chamomile and soapwort to nourish the skin. Pleasantly and naturally derived fragranced with lemon, orange, and lime, this amazing polish is also free of paraben preservatives and propylene glycol.

During this treatment your therapist will massage the polish onto your body to exfoliate the skin. The polish will be removed with warm towels as we expose a fresh new layer of hydrated skin. This will leave you feeling silky smooth and soft. There is no need for a finishing product as the safflower seed oil has already re-hydrated your skin.

Combo Sessions

Our Combo Sessions are just that! You will receive a full body Citrus Body Polish, and a 30 or 60-minute customized massage. These sessions are the ultimate relaxation and skin re-hydration massage that you have been waiting for.

Note: All of these sessions are not recommended for women who are pregnant or are nursing. And all wraps and scrubs are done in a dry room setting, where all our products will be removed with warm moist towels.

Body Wraps-Dry Room Treatment

Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap

This treatment will begin with a stimulating exfoliation to reveal your fresh glowing skin. We will then have you unwind as you are enveloped in a warm cocoon of Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap for an intense hydration of the skin, enhancing defenses and soothing even the most sensitive skin. This wrap is infused with essential oils and extracts of Wheat Germ glycerides, Shea Butter glycerides and Avocado.

Stress Relief Wrap

This treatment will begin with a stimulating exfoliation to reveal fresh glowing skin. Then you will unwind as you are enveloped in a warm cocoon of Stress Relief Wrap. This combination of antioxidants is known for protecting cells from damage. This blend assists to soothe anxiety, restore depleted energy and maintain vitality. The wrap is infused with essential oils and extracts of Japanese Green Tea, Lime Leaf, Bamboo, Ginger, Lemongrass, Fo-Ti Root.

Detox Body Wrap

This treatment will begin with a stimulating exfoliation to reveal fresh glowing skin. Then we will have you unwind as you are enveloped in a warm cocoon of Detox Wrap to deeply detoxify your body of impurities, support the immune system, fight inflammation, ease muscular pain all while leaving your skin smooth. This wrap is infused with the essential oils and extracts of Rosemary, Burdock, Echinacea, Lemon, Figwort, Eucalyptus, Orange, Watercress and Geranium.

Muscle Tension Relief Wrap

This treatment will begin with a stimulating exfoliation to reveal fresh glowing skin. We will then apply an organic blend of Black Baltic mud from the fresh water lakes of Eastern Europe to absorb impurities, enhance cell renewal and skin tone. While you unwind as you are enveloped in a warm cocoon the essential oils and extracts will stimulate your sluggish system, revitalize and energize your mind, body and soul.

“I found Tricia through her website so didn’t know what to expect since I’m used to getting referrals from friends. I was looking for someone who could work with some of my aches and pains. Tricia is very attentive to details and listens to my needs. She always works with where my body is at and gives me a massage that leaves me relaxed.”

– Annita K. 

“TL Massage Therapy is just what the Doctor ordered. Our employees work is stressful at times trying to make deadlines and accommodate our customers. Over the past year we have had Tricia from TL Massage Therapy come into the office periodically to help keep them stress free with a 10-15 minutes chair massage. Tricia is very professional and our employees love each time we offered Tricia’s chair massage we have more employees take advantage of this service.  As owners of a small business we highly recommend you offer your employees a chair massage from TL Massage Therapy.”

– Cathy & Dave Gravel 

“I have known Tricia for some time, as a massage therapist. She is a wonderful person and has helped me as well as a few of my friends throughout the years at many locations. I am glad she has opened her own place and will continue to frequent her business. Her idea to introduce a loyalty program is ingenious and will promote me to become a more relaxed person by visiting more frequently. This place is soothing, relaxing and quiet, exactly what I need when I get a massage. Book and enjoy!”

– Crystal C. 

“I LOVE Tricia! She is very caring and attentive, and she gives the BEST massage!! I have been to upscale spas for massages and was never as impressed as I was with Tricia! I went because I got a GREAT deal and was so happy that I came back for a massage and scrub combo with Tricia. After that I was HOOKED and booked another appointment immediately! I would definitely recommend coming to try their services! Make sure you ask for Tricia!”

– Anonymous 

“As one of the owners of a tax and accounting practice, our work load during the months of February – April is quite heavy.  The level of stress among all the employees grows at an alarming rate as the days pass.  A number of years ago, I had read an article that promoted the idea of hiring a professional to come to the office and provide chair massage to the staff.  I figured, let’s give it a try.  It has turned out to be one of the best business decisions.  It has reduced the stress levels in the office and it has established a weekly event that ALL the employees look forward to taking part in.  The success of this program is due in large part to Tricia L’Abbe.  Not only is she quite skilled at her profession, but what separates her from those who we initially hired is that her and her staff are DEPENDABLE and FLEXIBLE.  As a closing comment, I ask the staff every year if we should have the chair massages for the upcoming tax season and should we continue to hire TL Massage Therapy, and the answer has been a resounding YES for 8 years in a row.”

– Henry G. Pescatore, CPA, MST 
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